Librarians are happy to teach a wide variety of classes based on the needs of IUSM students, faculty, or staff. IUSM faculty may wish to contact their Medical Library Faculty Liaison about developing a class tailored to a particular specialty, curriculum, or research assignment.

All library classes will be streamed live via Zoom, If there are no attendees online or in-person, classes will be cancelled 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. If you are interested in attending a class, but the time does not fit your schedule, please feel free to contact your library liaison for a one on one session.

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Summer Classes

EndNote Basics

Instructors: Sue London,, Rick Ralston,

Upcoming Dates:
Wednesday, June 27, 2018 from 3:30pm to 4:30pm Rm. 227
Wednesday, July 25, 2018 from 3:30pm to 4:30pm Rm. 227

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EndNote is a citation management software program. This program allows users to import citations from numerous literature databases into one spot. Users can then edit citations, add notes, import full text documents, and ultimately, use the program to format citations for articles, papers, grant proposals, etc.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to add references to EndNote libraries manually and by importing from a  variety of databases.
  • Be able to add full text to article references.
  • Be able to format references in various styles.
  • Be able to insert references into documents and remove them safely.
  • Be able to share and transport libraries safely.

Catalog of Class Offerings

*sessions available by request

Data Topics

Workshops offered on a variety of data topics. Recent topics include encryption, Open Refine, and data sharing.

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Determining Your Impact

This class will provide participants with information on various metrics such as impact factors, Eigenfactors, the Becker Model, H-Indices, etc. Participants will also get hands on experience with using library resources to discover more information about tracking their impact going forward.

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EndNote Basics

EndNote is a citation management software program. This program allows users to import citations from numerous literature databases into one spot. Users can then edit citations, add notes, import full text documents, and ultimately, use the program to format citations for articles, papers, grant proposals, etc.

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Integrating Augmented Reality in Instruction

Learn more about augmented reality and how it is being used in medical education. Also learn about how you can incorporate augmented reality in presentations and classroom events.

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Introduction to Medical Library Resources

This 1-hour course introduces researchers to a wide variety of available electronic resources. This provides a fast-paced, broad, strong starting point for faculty, staff, students and residents who are looking to access background medical information, professional medical literature, (for clinical care or publishing), prep CVs and much more. For a comprehensive overview of research resources offered at the library, please consult our Medical Library Research Guide.

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Introduction to Systematic Reviews

This class will provide an introduction to conducting systematic reviews of the literature. Topics will include the following: standards and criteria to consider, establishing a plan, registering a protocol, developing a research question, determining where to search, identifying search terms, reporting search strategies, and managing references.

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Love Your Data (LYD) Locally

Part of an international social media event (#LYD17), this workshop is intended to raise awareness around research data management, sharing, and preservation along with support and resources available at IUSM and IU more broadly. The theme for this year is ‘data quality’ and this class will focus on defining, documenting, finding, using, sharing, and caring for quality research data.

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Mobile Resources

This class will provide information on what mobile resources are available through the library, how to install and register these apps, and some basic instructions on using these apps. Additionally, the Mobile Resources guide will be discussed and how to find other apps not available through the library. Lastly, attendee will learn some basic information about how to evaluate apps they find in app stores and learn a little more about how apps make it to the app store.

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New Tools For Impact: Altmetrics

Learn about what altmetrics are and how they can work for you! You’ll learn where they are located, what different types of altmetrics are currently out there and in use, and how these types of metrics can be used (along with traditional metrics) to tell your story and demonstrate the impact and reach of your work.

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3D Printing in the Medical Library

This class will provide information on the library’s newest service: 3D Printing. Attendees will learn what they need to do in order to request a 3D print from the library, where to find models, and how to do some editing on models. Attendees will also learn more about the 3D printers the library currently has and the special features of each printer.

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Using MyBibliography for NIH Public Access Compliance

Learn how to use MyBibliography to manage NIH Public Access compliance for NIH-funded peer-reviewed papers and ensure that grant money is not held up by non-compliant papers. Learn how to add items into MyBibliography (including PubMed records and others), check for compliance and know what the different stages mean, and when to contact the publisher and what information they need to get papers a PMCID.

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Using MyBibliography for SciENcv

Come learn about converting NIH Biosketches into the new format, what SCiENcv is and how to use it, and how to use MyBibliography to help in this process.

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Won’t Get Fooled Again – Evaluating Scientific Research

This class focuses on challenges around reporting scientific research and highlights methods of critically engaging with research. Course instructors will discuss potential areas of misconduct such as p-hacking. We will also discuss community resources available to scientists and the general public to discuss and evaluate published scientific literature. Class content will also touch on movements towards reproducibility in research while also combating inaccuracies in scientific reporting.

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Other Classes/Presentations/Tutorials around Campus

Ruth Lilly Medical Library History of Medicine Presentations – The bottom of this website includes information on exhibits and presentations being held at the Ruth Lilly Medical Library.

Indiana University School of Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs and Development – The Office of Faculty Affairs & Professional Development (OFAPD) plans and implement faculty development activities that ensure effective and successful recruitment, appointment, retention, and promotion of faculty – See more at:

IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning Event Listing – The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) advances IUPUI’s commitment to teaching excellence by collaborating with faculty, schools, and departments to enhance student learning and to support faculty development at our diverse urban research institution.

Center for Digital Scholarship at University Library – This group provides sessions with a focus on digital scholarship, data, and artifacts. Topics for sessions in the past have included tools for determining the impact of research, best practices for data entry, and Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines.

University Information Technology Services Training – UITS IT Training helps students, faculty, and staff grow in technology with instructor-led learning workshops, online webinar training, and self-study resources.