Health insurance contact information:

Shana Wigington
Specialist – Student Insurance – IU UHRS – 812-856-4650

All Students Must Be Insured

All medical students, except those who qualify for a policy waiver during open enrollment, are enrolled in a mandatory plan per standards set forth by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) Functions and Structure of a Medical School.

12.6 Student Health and Disability Insurance

A medical school ensures that health insurance and disability insurance are available to each medical student and that health insurance is also available to each medical student’s dependents.

If you qualify for a health insurance waiver, be sure to submit the waiver form in time for the next enrollment period.

Currently, the IUSM group health insurance plan is underwritten by Aetna and administered by Aetna Student Health of Boston, MA.

>> IU Professional Student Health Insurance Plan

Disability Insurance Coverage for Indiana University Medical Students

Following is a summary of the policy features of the group disability coverage provided to all Indiana University Medical School Students by the Indiana University School of Medicine. The policy is the Med Plus Advantage group trust policy sponsored through the American Medical Association and issued by Standard Insurance Company of Oregon policy number #644180-A. This policy has been specifically designed to meet the specialized needs of Medical Students. Please note these highlights are meant to provide general information only. You should refer to the policy itself for the full policy terms. All claims will be settled on the basis of the policy itself.

Monthly benefit of $1,500 payable after 90 days of disability with benefits payable to Age 67 (or Social Security normal retirement age if longer) for qualifying disabilities.

Payment of benefits is limited to 24 months during your lifetime for a disability caused by a mental disorder or substance abuse. However, if you are confined to a hospital solely because of a mental disorder at the end of the 24 month period this limitation will not apply while you remain continuously confined to the hospital.

Definition of Disability relates to ability to actively participate in school during the first 60 months of your disability; thereafter must also be unable to perform with reasonable continuity the material duties of any occupation.

Loan Payoff benefit provided that can repay up to $200,000 of eligible student loans for qualifying total and permanent disabilities.

To obtain a copy of the policy in its entirety or specific questions about this coverage or to file a claim contact Lee D. Moore by email or by phone at 317-558-1012.