September – October

Registration opens mid-September

Schedule interviews. What month is best will depend on the specialty in which you interview, but usually October/November/December are best. You should be sure to schedule free time for some time between late October thru mid-January for the interviewing process. Do not expect the clinical services to allow you days during a rotation to interview, especially when you are on a one month elective. Plan ahead and see Registrar’s Office if you need to rearrange your schedule to allow for interview time in the fall.

Late October – February

October 1: Uniform release date for all MSPEs (Dean’s Letters of Recommendation).

November 30: Standard registration deadline for applicants at 11:59p.m. ET. After November 30: applicants incur a $50 late fee in addition to the standard registration fee.

December 1: Students who take Step 2CK/CS after this date may not receive their scores back in adequate time for programs to consider for rank list.

January: All applications and interviews should now be completed although some may continue into early February. Follow-up/thank you letters should be sent to those programs to which you are interested. The National Resident Matching Program Supplemental Directory of hospitals and programs participating in the Match program arrive in the Dean’s Office. This directory contains the program code numbers for all residency positions and valuable information concerning the matching process. Rank Order lists will be entered via the NRMP website. Rank Order Lists are due in mid-February.

January 15: Rank order list entry opens at noon ET.

January 31: Last day to withdraw from the Match.

February 21: Rank Order List must be certified by 9:00pm ET. Also at 9pm ET, applicant late registration/Match withdrawal deadline.

March – May

March 12: Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) begins at 11amET. See for detailed 2017 Match Week and SOAP schedule

March 15: SOAP concludes at 11am ET.

March 16: Match Day! Ceremonies start at 12pm ET. Read more about Match Day activities.
Match results sent by email and posted in the R3 system at 1pm ET.

April: Hospitals and Programs send letters of appointment to students matched at their institution who then sign and return the letters of appointment. If your address has changed since you applied to that program, please notify them as soon as possible after the Match results are announced.

May: Pick up composite and attend graduation (You made it! Click here to learn more about Commencement).