Medical Student Service Group connects IU School of Medicine students and community through service.

MSSG Officers

Senior Co-Chair
Taylor Twiggs
David Lopez
Junior Co-Chair
Keerthana Mohankumar

Jon Schmidt
Sarah Kirk


MSSG Mission

MSSG fosters student leadership through innovative service-learning experiences through affiliation with the IU School of Medicine Office of Medical Service-Learning (OMSL).

Past MSSG Chairs

2014-2015 – Alyssa Bolduan and Nikki Sullivan

2013-2014 – Kate Hrynewycz and Ethan Morrical

2012-2013 – Janice Farlow and Kendal Herget

2011-2012 – Elaina Chen and Tyler King

2010-2011 – Caitlin Dugdale and Bill Steck

2009-2010 – Katie Sullivan and Zach Tempel

2008-2009 – Michael Schacht and Radhika Dave