Grade Policy for Legacy Curriculum Years 1 and 2

Grade and evaluation reports are made available to each student as soon as practical after the completion of each basic science course and after each clinical rotation. The Indiana University School of Medicine evaluation system is based on Honors, High Pass, Pass, Isolated Deficiency, Incomplete, Withdraw, and Fail. The assignment and distribution of grades in a particular course will depend on the performance of each individual student in meeting the stated objectives of the course as determined by course faculty.

  • Honors signifies exceptional and superior performance.
  • High Pass signifies above average performance.
  • Pass signifies satisfactory performance.
  • Incomplete signifies that extenuating circumstances have prevented the student from completing the course requirements. The Incomplete must be removed before the student may proceed into the next year of study.
  • Withdrawal signifies that the student withdrew before completing course objectives, and
  • Fail signifies that the student has not performed satisfactorily.
  • The Isolated Deficiency is used only for the clinical rotations and signifies that a student has performed adequately, except for a particular area of weakness in one of the six competencies. The student must complete remedial work in the designated competency to pass the rotation.


With the introduction of a robust student advising system and the designation of an Assistant Dean for Academic Advising and Career Mentoring, the need for a distinct grade of “Satisfactory with Concern” has been eliminated. The distinction between an “Unsatisfactory” grade and an “Isolated Deficiency” in the first two years has been inconsistently understood and applied. Although originally, the use of different grading paradigms in the preclinical and clinical years was intended to reflect developmental skills that students acquire, implementation has been inconsistent and has not achieved this goal. To enhance the opportunity for course/ clerkship directors to communicate concerns about a student’s performance, narrative comments may still be submitted on the grade sheet. These concerns will be forwarded to the student’s academic advisor for follow-up.


Beginning with academic year 2014-2015, the grades of SC and U will no longer be available.

The grade of ID-(PC, ICS, MK, P, PBLI or SBP) will be available for students who have an isolated deficit in a competency.

Expectations for Consistency:

  • Students who fail to demonstrate competence in the requirements of a course/clerkship will receive a failing grade.
  • All courses/ clerkships will assign a failing grade for
    • Failure to complete all required assignments and tasks (ex. Essay, Papers, H&Ps, required clinical encounters) by the last day of the clerkship (courses may designate whether grades above Pass can be achieved by students who do not submit required assignments on time prior to the end of the course).
    • Deficiencies in 2 competency domains
  • Basic science courses will assign a failing grade for
    • Failure of cumulative course score
    • There is no ID- MK option for basic science courses
  • Clinical science courses will assign a failing grade for
    • Failure of cumulative course score
    • Failure of patient care competency (therefore, no ID- PC)
    • Failure to demonstrate competence in the requirements (write-ups, patient encounters, clinical skills, etc.) of the course or clerkship.

Version 4.29.14 Approved by CCSC: April 8, 2014