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The Gold Humanism Honor Society Induction Ceremony, hosted by Indiana University School of Medicine is held to honor, and officially induct medical students, residents and faculty into the society.


The 2018 Reception & Ceremony will be held on Friday, September 14, 2018 at Fairbanks Hall 1100-1112 and begin at 5:30 pm.

The Complete List of 2017-2018 Inductees


  • Arabelle  Abellard
  • Brent  Bagley
  • Allen  Barton
  • Kelsey  Booth
  • Trevor  Crafts
  • Anton  Crepinsek
  • Taylor  Curry
  • Carter  Duggan
  • Susan  Ellsperman
  • Christian  Frye
  • Amy  Fuhs
  • Lauren  Gustafson
  • Audrey  Hessong
  • Jessica  Houk
  • Andrew  Huck
  • Aava  Khatiwada
  • Lindsay  Leech
  • Janice Farlow
  • Joshua  Lukas
  • Brittany  McCoy
  • Jillian  Menegotto
  • Cameron  Metzger
  • Erica  Park
  • Tanav  Popli
  • Colin  Ridenour
  • James  Rizkalla
  • Patrick Schwartz
  • Nadine  Shabeeb
  • Blair  Skinner
  • Alexander  Snyder
  • Andrew  Srisuwananukorn
  • Cullen  Taylor
  • Stefani Tica
  • William Wilson
  • Erica  Zanath
  • Raquel  Zemtsov


  • Paul Eckerle
  • Tyler Evans
  • Kathleen Holland
  • Paul LaPenna
  • Steve Mong
  • Amira Zaid


  • David Matthews
  • Joanne Wojcieszek

Ceremony Photos and Prior Years Inductees

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About GHHS

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation | Gold Humanism Honor Society
The Indiana Chapter of the Arnold P. Gold foundation is chaired by Dr. Jerry Rushton. The society recognizes medical students, residents and faculty who practice patient-centered care by modeling the qualities of integrity, excellence, compassion, altruism, respect and empathy. Student inductees are 4th year medical students in addition to two faculty and six resident inductees. Students are nominated by their peers in their third year of medical school with final selections determined by the IU School of Medicine Gold Humanism Honor Society Selection Committee.

The Indiana University School of Medicine chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society was established during the 2005-2006 academic year as a means of formally recognizing medical students and resident physicians who demonstrate exemplary behavior that promotes humanism in medicine. Creation of this GHHS chapter was made possible by a grant from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation.  By encouraging the creation of chapters in medical schools around the country, the Gold Foundation seeks to honor senior medical students, residents, role-model physicians teachers and other exemplars who demonstrate excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service.

IU GHHS is one of 113 chapters across the U.S. and this honor is recognized by many as the pinnacle of professionalism in medical students and residents.

For more information about the national organization, visit their website.