The third phase of training emphasizes professional development activities, individualized career exploration and advanced clinical learning to prepare for residency. In this phase, students engage in robust clinical experiences that feature progressive levels of direct responsibilities in patient care, and they return to basics to explore the importance of their foundational-science knowledge in clinical settings and their ongoing self-directed, lifelong learning process.

Phase three of the MD curriculum includes the Transitions III course (Preparation for Residency) as well as required clerkships, including one sub-internship, and electives (7), which must include at least one professional development selective or capstone, at least one advanced-science selective, and at least four clinical-practice electives, one of which provides and advanced clinical learning experience.

The new Phase 3 MD curriculum is in the process of being finalized; the information here applies specifically to the legacy curriculum for MS4 students, which is in effect for the classes of 2017, 2018, and 2019.

After students complete required third-year clerkships, they must complete at least seven electives. Students can complete up to three away electives within the required seven.

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