Clerkship Objectives

Anesthesia (2 weeks)
Family Medicine (4 weeks)
Internal Medicine (8 weeks)
Neurology (4 weeks)
Obstetrics/Gynecology (4 weeks)
Pediatrics (8 weeks)
Psychiatry (4 weeks)
Surgery (8 weeks)

Health Systems Science

The Health Systems Science (HSS) course, a one-credit course that runs concurrent with the third-year required clerkships, helps MD students identify and understand some of the concepts involved in the interprofessional teamwork management of a patient with multiple chronic conditions over time. These concepts include communication involved in the transfer of medical information to other health care professionals, other health care teams, patients and their families; shared decision making; patient safety; end-of-life care.

The HSS Course consists of six sessions; two of the sessions are held in-person and have required attendance. MD students at IU School of Medicine will receive additional information about these in-person sessions. The other four sessions of HSS will be completed in small groups online.


Instead of taking a vacation month in the third year, students may take any IU School of Medicine elective that is approved for third-year students, including up to two Career Exploration Electives. Additionally, during the 2 week period juxtaposed with anesthesia, students may take a 2-week elective or vacation.