Transitions 3 FAQs

Class of 2020,

We hope you’re enjoying clerkships! The Medical Student Education team wanted to give you an update on Transitions 3 (T3) and Advanced Clinical Elective (ACE) information, based upon some frequently asked questions we’ve received.

Transitions 3 FAQs

Will all students be in Indianapolis the whole month for T3? 

For the time being, all students should anticipate being in Indianapolis the entire month of T3. This may change, but we cannot guarantee anything right now as we are still putting the final touches on the curriculum for the spring of 2020, determining what housing resources are needed, and looking at how to best coordinate delivery of T3 for an optimal student experience. Once these areas are clearer, we will be able to provide more definitive information.

Will there be housing available to students for T3? 

Housing will be provided for students who live outside of Indianapolis during the periods of required T3 activities in Indianapolis.

Will there be specialty specific sessions or just general sessions for all students? 

There will be some sessions covering core material that all students will attend, but several sessions allow personalization of the T3 experience and will be aimed at specific specialties.

Can you give us some examples of what topics will be included? 

  • ​How to be efficient and effective at patient hand-offs.
  • Your role as an intern on the code-blue team.
  • So, you’re finally getting paid! How to manage your finances.
  • How to survive your first night on-call in an intensive care unit.
  • And more!

Will the specialties still have their own month-long boot camp electives, for example like surgery offers now?  

The intent is to integrate the materials currently contained in the formal specialty boot camp to still achieve the same goals. 

Advanced Clinical Elective (ACE) FAQs

What electives will count as an ACE?

ACE rotations are all defined as a concentrated clinical experience that will further develop and deepen your skills in that clinical subject area.  Although some new electives are being designed for next year, many of these experiences are electives that have been enjoyed by IU School of Medicine students in the past and received strong reviews. Medical Student Education has worked with the departmental and elective leadership in all disciplines to enhance and expand these offerings as well as include more slots in more locations.

When will I know what the choices are for my ACE?

Rotations that meet the definition of Advanced Clinical Electives will be designated in the electives catalogue at the time of at the time of your scheduling process. This process is currently underway.

Why is this a new requirement?

The addition of this requirement enhances the clinical skill readiness of each IU School of Medicine student at the time of gradation. This requirement also formalizes the pathway to residency to ensure that students have ensure students can proactively plan for residency with the support of career mentors, physician mentors and lead advisors.

Will away rotations count for an ACE? 

The location of ACE electives will span the spectrum of ambulatory (clinics, urgent and emergency care units) and inpatient (ICUs, wards, and procedural areas) settings. However, all of the rotations will be a part of the IU School of Medicine elective system and will not include away rotations. IU School of Medicine students will still be able to take up to three away rotations if they choose.